Fire Rescue Demolition Carbide Chunk Root Cutter Blade for PVC, Aluminum, Masonry, Railroad Ties, Shingle Roofs

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Brand: Diamond Tools

Color: Black


  • Demolition / Rescue Carbide Segmented Blade - Laser Welded
  • Used by: Fire Departments | Rescue | Military | Law Enforcement | Municipalities
  • Diameter: 12", 14" or 16" / Thickness: 0.250 / Arbor Size: 1"/20mm | Segment Height: 7MM
  • Cutting Method: Wet or Dry
  • Cuts: Roots | Railroad Ties | PVC | Aluminum | Wood | Masonry | Shingle Roofs

Publisher: Diamond Tools

Details: This rescue blade was designed to cut through various roofing materials including stone, gravel, tar, fiber-glass, metal sheeting, and resin fiber. Rescue Blade is for emergency situations, fire rescue, and military rescue operations. The general construction in has come to know our blade as the Number 1 Rescue Diamond Blade for their demolition projects. The Rescue Blade will cut dry, or wet in any situation. No matter if your need is to quickly cut through a burning roof, or cut thru some hard material in your way the Rescue Blade is your Number 1 Choice. We manufacture this blade with jagged carbide segments that chop and rip through materials quickly and efficiently. A stable, quiet core holds the segments securely. Combo and Special Blades are suitable for medium to heavy duty job applications. They are user-friendly and highly functional. Combo and Special Blades are regarded as a premium version of the popular General Purpose Blades. These blades are ideally used for cutting asphalt, green concrete, block, concrete, hard concrete, pavers, brick, clay pavers, hard brick, refractory brick, field stones, marble, granite, and ductile iron pipe. PRINTED SUPPLY LIMITED, PLANE BLADE MAYBE SUBSTITUTED.