Super G Turbo Segment Diamond Blade w/Undercut Protection- Laser Welded

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Brand: ICUT


  • Diameter: 12" and 14"
  • Thickness: .125"
  • Arbor Size: 1"/20mm x DP
  • Application: General purpose | Concrete | Asphalt | Hard Brick | Block | Pavers | Natural Stone
  • Cutting Method: Wet or Dry

Publisher: Diamond Tools

Details: Supreme quality red-edged blade cuts the widest variety of materials in the market. 12 and 14 inch Multi-Purpose Diamond Blade with Laser Welded High Turbo Segments. Use with a Masonry Saw, Gas Cut-Off Saw or an up to 20HP Walk Behind Concrete Flat Saw. Drop segments provide undercut protection for use with abrasive materials such as asphalt and green concrete. Supreme quality super drop turbo segmented red-edged blade that cuts the widest variety of materials in the market. Heavy duty industrial grade steel core allows the blade to cut through the hard materials without fears of core cracking on the slot area. Used to cut Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Asphalt, Green Concrete, Hard Brick, light or heavy weight Block, Pavers, Roof Tile, Natural Stone, and more. This highly aggressive diamond blade is built with a mixed variety of diamond grit sizes and high diamond concentration to provide superior blade life and maximum cutting performance on a wide variety of materials. PRINTED SUPPLY LIMITED, PLANE BLADE MAYBE SUBSTITUTED.