Trapezoid Double PCD With Diamond Style Straight Seg for HTC Machines

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Brand: Diamond Tools


  • Trapezoid Double Quarter Round PCD's with hard bond diamond segment plate is designed for very aggressive removal without damaging the floor too much.
  • The two quarter round PCD chips rip through coatings without too much wear on the machine allowing for very fast production rates.
  • These plates are excellent for aggressive removal of epoxy and elastomeric coatings.

Publisher: Diamond Tools

Details: Trapezoid Double Quarter Round PCD Grinding Shoes are designed for grinding and polishing concrete floors. Diamond Grinding Shoes come brazed, soft bond, hard bond, standard bond and with mixed grit. Concrete diamond Grinding Shoes fit HTC Style grinding and polishing heads. Grinding Shoes are designed with Jumbo-Sized Segments for extended life and lower grinding cost per square yard. Exchangeable Concrete Floor Diamond Grinding Shoe, General Purpose. Aggressive Concrete Floor Grinding and Fast Removal.