Turbo Continuous Rim Concave Diamond Blade for Granite Stone Marble Sinks

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Brand: Diamond Tools


  • Designed to allow the operator to create materials during the fabrication process
  • Specifically designed for fast, chip free, and smooth cutting of a broad range of tile surfaces
  • Come polished, continuous rim, sintered with thin gullets and ultra thin with thin bullet gullets
  • Has deep drop segment on both sides to improve cured cutting, minor grinding, and help prevent binding for cured cutting in granite and marble
  • 4" x 0.09 x 5/8"-7/8"

Publisher: Diamond Tools

Details: Premium thin rim diamond blades are used for cutting ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, natural stone tile, engineered stone tile, granite tile, and marble tile. Turbo rim concave blade for natural stone sink cutouts.