White Hot Turbo Rim Diamond Blade Granite and Marble

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Brand: ICUT


  • Thinness: .08
  • Diameters: 4"
  • Arbors: 5/8"-7/8"
  • Application: Granite and Marble

Publisher: Diamond Tools

Details: This Turbo Rim Granite Diamond Blade newly engineered continuous rim turbo blade with zipper style narrow turbo teeth provide exceptional speed and fast smooth quick cutting with minimum chipping. The performance and life for the supreme granite diamond blade has performed in the top of it's class. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar the supreme granite diamond blade with zipper style turbo rim is the best diamond blade for the natural stone fabricator. Granite and Marble Saw Blades are used for cutting marble slabs, granite slabs, stone slabs, brick, hard brick, block, pavers, clay pavers, concrete, hard concrete and field stones. Granite and Marble Diamond Saw Blades come sintered, turbo, undercut protection, cooling holes, brazed, w-segments, wave core design with silent core. Granite and Marble Saw Blades for cutting slabs feature extra deep segments that are designed for abrasion resistance. PRINTED SUPPLY LIMITED, PLANE BLADE MAYBE SUBSTITUTED.